Jan 14: The Country Deli; Ham, Cheese and Mushroom Frittata


A parcel drop-off put us at The Country Deli, where Foodie Philip had is usual Skirt Steak, Eggs and Home Fries. Foodies Greg experimented with his first Tuna Melt. The meals averaged $22.00 per serve, with tax and tip, although we took half the Tuna Melt home for later.


We decided to us some of the Ham bounty with Mushrooms and Cheese in a Frittata.

  • Mushrooms were $2.99 or $1.50 per serve
  • Ham is about 30c per serve
  • Grated Cheddar adds 50c per serve
  • Eggs add 51c per serve.

This turned out really well, with a nice light texture to the Frittata and a good mix of flavorsome add-ins for $2.81 per serve. We have half left over for lunch tomorrow.

Jan 13: French Onion Soup with Panini Roll; Tomato Curry with Black Rice


A cold day and two Foodies recovering seemed the perfect time to finish the French Onion Soup with a hot Panini Roll.

  • The Panini Roll is 63c
  • French Onion Soup is $1.38 per serve.

A great warming lunch for $2.01 per serve.


Tonight we tried a Tomato Curry, although we served with Black Rice.

  • Organic Cherry Tomatoes were $2.99 or $1.50 per serve
  • Onion and Garlic add 15c per serve
  • Frozen Peas are $1.29 per pack and we used half, or 33c per serve
  • Add 30c for seasoning
  • Add 44c for the Black Rice.

This was a rare miss for a Nigella Lawson recipe, but the seasoning was strange, and it had no real curry flavor. Neither of us were interested in finishing the meal. The Black Rice was the best part of this $2.72 meal.

Jan 12: Sweet & Spicy Tuna with Swiss; Penne Bolognese


Lunch for one today – Foodie Greg was still unwell – was a Toasted Sweet & Spicy Tuna with Swiss Sandwich.

  • The Dave’s Killer Bread is 66c per serve
  • The Swiss is 33c per serve
  • The Sweet & Spicy Tuna pouch is 99c.

Definitely a better sandwich than the Ham & Swiss of a couple of days ago, for $1.98 per serve.


Also planned for much earlier in the week before Foodie Philip took ill, tonight’s Penne Bolognese was very simple to put together – basically a Tomato Sauce with Cooked Ground Beef – because of the quality of ingredients, it wasn’t super cheap! Fortunately we’ll get four serves.

  • 1 lb of Keller Crafted ground beef is $8.25 or $2.06 per serve
  • The Marinara Sauce was $8.99 or $2.25 per serve
  • Penne was $2.39 and we used half, or 60c per serve.

High quality ingredients translate to a high quality dish, and this was no exception for $4.91 per serve.

Jan 11: Heuvos Rancheros; Pan Seared Scallops with Chorizo and Corn


Still eating solo, Foodie Philip picked up Heuvos Rancheros from Via La Fiesta nearby for $10.00 per serve with tax and tip.


Tonight’s Pan Searched Scallops with Chorizo and Corn had been planned for Wednesday night’s meal. Instead it was prepared for one tonight.

  • The Scallops were on a Prime Member special at Whole Foods, for $14.02 less $6.10 or $3.96 per serve
  • The Chorizo was $7.99 but we used 1/4 in the recipe, or $2.00 per serve
  • Scallions were 89c per serve
  • Serrano peppe was 16c and we used half, or 8c per serve
  • Three Cobs of Corn were $4.99 but we only used one, or $1.67 per serve
  • Add 20c for other ingredients.

With perfectly seared Scallops this turned out to be very tasty for $8.80 per serve. Unfortunately my main camera battery was flat, so today’s photo is from an iPhone.

Jan 10: Ham & Cheese Sandwich; 15 Bean Soup


With Foodie Greg now out of action, Foodie Philip had a Ham & Swiss Sandwich, which was just okay.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 66c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 33c per serve
  • Ham is about 30c per serve.

Perhaps it was the remaining Flu, but it wasn’t great for $1.29 per serve.


Foodie Philip finished the final serve of the 15 Bean Soup for $1.79.

Jan 9: Supermarket Sushi; Côte d’Azur Cure-All Soup

For Lunch Foodie Greg picked up Albacore Sashimi and an Avocado Cucumber Roll, from our nearby Whole Foods for $9.99 per serve


As Foodie Philip was still “under the weather” we prepared Côte d’Azur Cure-All Soup.

  • Six pastured brown eggs are $3.06 or $1.53 per serve
  • A whole head of garlic went into the soup: 50c  or 25c per serve
  • Organic chicken stock was $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • Parmesan cost $5.49 and we used it all, or $1.80 per serve.
  • Add 40c for herbs, oil  and seasonings.

This is a great soup whether you’re under the weather or on top of the world, for $4.98 per serve.

Jan 8: Giant Baked Beans & Swiss Toasty; 15 Bean Soup


A cold day turned us toward toasted sandwiches, so we opened a can of Giant Baked Beans, added a slice of Swiss and toasted until delicious.

  • Trader Joes Giant Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce cost $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • The Dave’s Killer Bread is 66c per serve
  • Swiss slices are 12 for $3.99 or 34c per serve.

A classic (Australian) sandwich for $2.00 per serve.


Foodie Philip was a little under the weather and didn’t feel like eating, but Foodie Greg had another serve of the 15 Bean Soup for $1.79.

Jan 6: Cheddar & Kumato; Sous Vidé Ham with Choucroute


We used the left over cheese from last night and added Kumato to make some tasty toasted sandwiches.

  • The Dave’s Killer Bread is 66c per serve
  • Five Kumato were $3.49 and we had one each, or 70c per serve
  • The Cheese came free.

A decent sandwich for $1.36 per serve.


Before Christmas we picked up a Ham from Aldi for a ridiculous 49c per pound, or under $5.00 for 10 lb of ham. Instead of baking, as we have in the past, we decided to Sous Vidé it in an experiment to see if we could make it more tender. We expect to get at least eight serves.

A fresh new bucket makes a decent Sous Vidé device for a large Ham.

Tonight we served with Choucroute Garni.

  • Ham is 65c per serve
  • Carrots were $1.99 or 50c per serve
  • Sauerkraut was $4.99 or $1.25 per serve
  • Rosé was $1.00 or 25c per serve
  • Add 20c per serve for other ingredients.

While not a “controlled experiment” we decided the Aldi Ham was better than the Farmer John’s we’ve had in the past from Ralphs. There was a lot less water in the Aldi Ham, and it seemed to be more tender. Cooking Sous Vidé rendered the connective tissue and fat, making it much easier to break apart the Ham. All in all a good meal for $2.85 per serve.