Feb 11: Bahn Mi;Japanese Ratatouille with Black Rice


In theory, Pho Saigon 1’s bhan mi should be a miss as there’s cilantro in the sandwich and the meat has been marinated in star anise, neither of which we particularly like. Yet, in this sandwich, they fit perfectly. A true culinary miracle. Who wouldn’t like a sandwich where pat√© is spread on both sides of the sandwich!

Great food for $8.50 per serve.


We repeated the hame and  Japanese Ratatouille we had left over, and serve with some black rice.

The ratatouille was even better a day later.

  • The ratatouille is $1.61 per serve
  • Add 4c per serve for ham
  • Add 44c per serve for black rice.

Dinner tonight was a very satisfactory do-over for $2.09 per serve.


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