About The semiSerious Foodies

The semiSerious Foodies are Greg Clarke and Philip Hodgetts. Professionally we work in software for film and TV production through Intelligent Assistance Software and Lumberjack System. That has nothing to do with food!

Before we met 25 years ago, we both had a bourgeoning interest in food. Together we’ve learnt from innumerable cooking shows (although Alton Brown’s Good Eats should get a special call out) and practical experience. Most of our meals are cooked and prepared at home.

For Greg it is a hobby and a break from writing software code. Philip has a talent for putting flavors together and brings a career’s experience in video production to the project.

The semiSerious Foodies is our way of encouraging people to cook and eat real food. Healthier food. At least food where you know what’s in it.

The hardest thing is to plan: so don’t. Follow along a couple of days or weeks behind us.

As well as documenting our own eating practice, we’ll be reproducing dishes we find in restaurants wherever we travel. It’s our way of enjoying travel by eating, shopping and cooking dishes wherever we are and whatever kitchen we have to work in. And shooting some video along the way.

We’re also realistic and most definitely not food purists – hence the semiSerious – but we do believe that having a healthy food foundation, and doing some exercise, is the key to health.