Dec 30: Sous Vide and Seared Pork Chop with Vinegar Coleslaw


For lunch we decided on Enchiladas from Viva la Fiesta, for a average of $18.14 per serve with tax and tip.


We had some Pork Chops from Amazon Fresh we’d been planning on eating for a couple of months, but it always got postponed.

  • The Boneless Pork Chops benefited from an overall discount, for a net of $3.77 or $1.89 per serve
  • Add 80c for Vinegar Coleslaw.

The Pork was very tender and perfectly cooked and contributed to a very tasty meal for $4.57 per serve.

Dec 29: Smoked Trout Chowder


Lunch was Baked Beans on Italian Bread with melted Gouda. We had to add a layer of ham as the Italian Bread was mostly hole! Very rustic.

  • Italian Bread is 38c per serve
  • Gouda is 68c per serve
  • The Giant Baked Beans are $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • Add 10c for a single slice of Deli Ham
  • Add 65c for Pesto Rosso.

A very good version of this open faced sandwich for $2.81 per serve.


Inclement weather made going out to pick up food less attractive, so we rescheduled and had Smoked Trout Chowder for dinner.

  • The Smoked Trout was $8.72 after all discounts, or $2.18 per serve
  • Potatoes add 34c per serve
  • Garlic and Scallions add 15c per serve
  • Chicken Bone Broth adds 50c per serve
  • Wine adds 13c per serve
  • Grass fed Half & Half is $3.79 per pint and we used ¼, or 24c per serve
  • Add 20c for other soup ingredients.

A very tasty soup for $3.74 per serve.

Dec 27: Ham and Cream Cheese Frittata


For lunch we shared a Tarte Au Brie Et Aux Tomatoes, for $4.29 or $2.15 per serve.


A simple Ham, Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomato Frittata filled tonight’s dinner slot.

  • Two Pastured Eggs are 76c per serve
  • Ham adds 10c per serve
  • Add 35c for Cherry Tomatoes
  • Add 25c for Neufchatel.

A very tasty, and filling, Frittata for $1.46 per serve.

Dec 26: Asian Pear, Stilton and Port


For lunch we did a “Toasted Ham and Cheese,” but with Baked Leg Ham, Delice de Bourgogne and Spring Onion.

  • Dave’s Killer Bread is 74c per serve
  • Baked Ham adds 10c per serve
  • Delice de Bourgogne adds 96c per serve
  • The Spring Onion we grew.

A very tasty sandwich for $1.80 per serve.


The Asian Pear, Port and Stilton was to be our desert on Christmas Night, but we didn’t get to it, so we had it tonight.

  • The Asian Pear was $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • The Stilton was $4.62 or $2.31 per serve
  • The half a Baguette was $1.29 or 65c per serve.

The Pear and Stilton were an excellent combination for $3.71 per serve, or $6.21 if we included the Port.

Dec 25: “Grazing” Dinner


After Pancakes for breakfast, the Foodies had a late lunch of Bacon, Pork and Sage Rissoles with Vinegar Coleslaw. We also made and froze eight Sausage Rolls.

  • The Ground Pork was on special $4.70, or $1.17 per serve
  • The Bacon was on special for $3.60 and we used ⅝, or 45c per serve
  • Sage came from our garden
  • 8 oz Panko breadcrumbs are $2.99 and we used half, or 38c per serve
  • A Pastured Egg is 50c or 13c per serve
  • Add 15c for Onion and other ingredients
  • The Coleslaw adds 85c per serve.

A very tasty Christmas lunch for $3.13 per serve, along with lashings of Prosecco.


The Foodies had planned a “Grazing” meal of Cheeses, Meats, Dip, Duck Mousse Paté and Raspberries, which they were both too full to enjoy more than a small bite, for about $3.00 per serve.

Dec 23: Sous Vide and Seared Roast Duck on Yakisoba Noodles and Stir-fried Bok Choy


We introduced the family to our Speck, Arugula and Olive Oil Panini.

  • The Speck was $3.99, or $2.00 per serve
  • The Ciabatta is 58c per serve
  • Arugula adds 40c per serve
  • Olive Oil adds 30c per serve.

And excellent Panini for $3.28 per serve


Most of the table enjoyed Sous Video and Seared Duck Breast on Yakisoba Noodles and stir-fried Bok Choy,

  • The Duck Breasts were $14.95 or $9.96 for a larger-than-ususal serve
  • The Bok Choy was $1.49 and we used half, or 38c per serve
  • The Yakisoba Noodles $2.99 or $1.50 per serve.

As always a satisfying meal for $11.84 per serve.

Dec 21: Porchetta Panini


The Foodies finished two half-Reuben sandwiches left over from yesterdays trip to The Country Deli.


Ever evolving plans had the Foodies eating without the guests, so we settled on a Porchetta Panini.

  • The Ciabatta is 58c
  • The Porchetta was about $1.75 per serve
  • Add 30c for Olive Oil.

We felt the Porchetta developed more flavor in the Panini than on the dinner plate. A great sandwich for $2.63 per serve.