Jan 17: “Grazing” lunch; Lamb chop with double potato and halloumi bake


We had, what we call a ‘grazing lunch’. Various things you can top a slice of baguette with: tomato, cheddar or liverwurst. Serve yourself as you want, what you want.

  • 1/4 of the $2.69 baguette went to each serve or 68c
  • One tomato was divided in half for 40c a serve
  • We used about half the $4 block of cheese, or $1 a serve
  • We used about 1/3 of the $3.20 liverwurst, or 55c a serve

Lunch today cost $2.63 a serve. We rediscovered our love of liverwurst when in Munich last September.


The protein tonight is two small Lamb shoulder chops which were grilled outdoors. After last night’s large meat serve, tonight we have about 4.5 oz each. Almost ‘meat light!’ A fairly fast grill over high heat for lamb.

With that is an old favorite from Nigella Lawson: chopped vegetables roasted and finished with halloumi cheese. This makes four good serves. Halloumi is used because it’s not a ‘melty’ cheese. It takes heat and retains structure. It’s normally a mix of goat and sheep’s milk cheese, but the one we got for this dish had some cow milk as well.

  • The lamb chops cost $5.09 or $2.55 each.
  • Halloumi $3.99 or $1 a serve
  • A whole head of garlic was used: 12c or 3c a serve (I feel the labor involved in peeling was worth more!)
  • The whole red onion was roasted: 86c or 22c a serve
  • Orange bell pepper four ways is 50c a serve
  • Yam/Sweet potato was $1.03 or 26c a serve.

Dinner tonight cost us $4.56 per serve. Unfortunately I forgot to put the SD card back in the camera so there is no photo.

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