Feb 6: Take out fried chicken; Sous Vide pork chop and waldorf salad


An occasional treat is Popeyes fried chicken (dark and spicy please). Red Beans and rice on the side, although Greg’s home made is better.

Fried chicken is the only ‘fast food’ we indulge in. It’s not something we would make at home, because of the deep frying required.

Eight pieces of chicken were $9.99 but that makes four serves in all, making each serve $2.50. The large Red beans and rice was $3.99 and we shared that for $2 a serve. In total, lunch was $4.50 a serve.


Our 25th Anniversary dinner is a repeat of January 16th’s evening meal: Sous vide heritage pork chop with waldorf salad.

Pricing is pretty much the same as on January 16:

  • $9.50 for a generous 10oz (after bone taken out) of heritage pork chop
  • $2.55 for the salad.

That makes tonight’s anniversary dinner, a very reasonable $12.05 each. As we noted in January, this is the best pork chop we’ve ever had. It is significantly better than any we’ve had in a restaurant, and a whole lot cheaper!

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