Mar 4: English muffin with smoked salmon; Eggplant, sausage & ziti casserole


For lunch we had an English muffin with avocado and wild caught smoked salmon.

  • The muffin is 50c
  • The smoke salmon was $5.99 from Whole Foods or $3.00 a serve
  • The avocado was 99c or 50c per serve.

Lunch today cost $4.004 a serve.


Eggplant, sausage and ziti casserole: from a hybrid of recipes. The basic inspiration is from an Emeril recipe from Food Network. When we’ve cooked this in the past we found the recipe to hav41$e too much oil, so we grill the eggplant.

Instead of Emeril’s meat sauce we used a metacook recipe. The b├ęchamel sauce stayed untouched, although made with half-n-half.

  • The meat came from our meat box and was somewhat expensive at $8.83 lb for the beef, or $2.21 per serve.
  • Onion works out at 15c per serve
  • Carrot is 17c per serve
  • Celery is 11c per serve
  • Bacon cost $4.99 for the container, but this recipe used about 1/4 of that, or 31c per serve
  • A glass of wine is 20c per serve
  • A half pint of heavy cream (for the meat sauce) is $1.99 and it was all used in the meat sauce or 50c per serve
  • A pint of half & half is $1.49 and half is used in the b├ęchamel, or 19c per serve
  • The eggplant cost $1.92 or 48c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost us $4.32 per serve. We have left-overs for Saturday night, as we expect to be home later than usual.


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