May 20: In and Out Burger; Quesadilla with eggs


A day of activity in Burbank including some postponed from Monday had both of us eating out at lunch and In and Out Burger are our go-to option.

  • Double Double is $4.03 with tax.


A second trip to Burbank did not seem attractive so the nighttime activity was cancelled, leading to a “well, I hadn’t planned for that” moment. Our Quesadilla interpretation was elevated from ¬†lunch to dinner with the addition of a couple of fried eggs.

  • One flatbread (half of two) costs 50c a serve
  • Half a can of refried beans, shared across two halves:¬†26c
  • A very generous serve of salsa is 20c per serve
  • 2 oz of cheddar split between two is 50c per serve
  • Two eggs at 50c each add $1.00 to the meal.

Dinner tonight cost $2.46 per serve.

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