Sep 27: Chicken Wrap; Pork Spare Rib with Red Beans and Rice


Time for a return to our typical lunch, although today we used shredded chicken breast, avocado, mango and arugula in our wraps. They would have been great if the mango had flavor!

  • The flatbread is 50c per serve
  • The avocado was $1.50 or 75c per serve
  • The shredded chicken is $7.59 for the pack, or $1.90 per serve
  • The mango was $1.49 but we halved it or 38c per serve
  • The arugula is $2.59 for the pack but we used a tiny amount, or 15c per serve.

Lunch today cost $3.68 per serve.


We had pork spare ribs from our Prather Ranch delivery, and paired them with home made red beans and rice. As we had the smoker and the time, we smoked the pork spare ribs.

The smoked pork ribs weren’t the most tender, but they had a great smokey flavor.

  • The pork spare ribs were $9.64 or $4.82 per serve
  • Onion, oil and garlic and seasonings about 15c per serve
  • Each can of organic beans was 99c and we used three, or 50c per serve
  • Instead of andouille sausage, we used diced ham for $2.79 or 47c a serve
  • Chicken broth $2.29 or 38c a serve
  • And the rice: 33c a serve.

Dinner tonight cost $6.65 per serve. It’s nice to be home and cooking again.

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