Dec 31: Sandwich; Airline Lunch; Ham, Cheese and Egg Toastie; Country Deli; Grazing Dinner

Today we travelled back over the International Date Line, so we doubled up on Dec 31: once on the aircraft and then again once we got home.


Having risen at 5am to catch a 6:30 train to Sydney for an 11:40 flight to LA we shared a toasted ham, tomato and cheese sandwich and a rare roast beef sandwich.

Because it was an airport, this was $10 a serve!


Once on board and underway we were served lunch. It was acceptable airline food which you have to admire given the conditions. A beef bologna with vegetables or curried chicken with rice.


A ‘bacon’ (really ham), cheese and egg toastie (toasted sandwich) was served for breakfast, along with some things we didn’t eat. It was served steaming hot and wasn’t horrible, which is pretty amazing given it was 11 hours ago it left the kitchen.

Lunch (After arrival)

Our flight landed at 6am and we were clear of the airport by 7. Once home we unpacked and, given it had been six hours since breakfast by that time, we headed for the Country Deli, where Philip had his usual skirt steak, eggs and home fries, while Greg had a French Dip with chunky fries.

Lunch at The Country Deli usually runs about $21 a serve with tax and tip and today was not different.


We decided to celebrate the New Year with a French bubbly rosé and a banquet of cambazola; paté, crackers, sugar snap peas, hummus, dolmas, and caper berries – a first for us.

Of course, after an overnight trip and a full day, neither of us made it to midnight, although local fireworks woke Greg for the celebration!

  • The cambazola cost $5.16
  • Multigrain crackers $2.29 but we used only half at $1.10
  • Dolmas were $2.99
  • Sugar snap peas $2.49 but again we only used half or $1.25
  • Chicken and black truffle paté was $4.99
  • 7oz of hummus was $1.99
  • We also used a pack of seedy herb crisp breads because the paté worked better with that, than the crackers, $2.99.

Dinner tonight, without the bubbly cost $20.47 for the two of us, or $10.25 each for a very generous banquet.

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