Jan 1: Reinterpreted English Breakfast; Baked Ham and Baked Winter Vegetables with Halloumi


Back in our own kitchen we decided to create an interpretation of a traditional English breakfast, although our bacon had spoiled while we were away so it was a meatless version. Some of our inspiration came from Cafe Marmalade in Newhaven, UK. At the time we described our breakfast as “An English breakfast cooked by someone who cared about food.”

Kicked up English Breakfast
Kicked up English Breakfast

For two serves:

Total ingredients $7.98 for two serves, or $3.99 per serve. The roast tomatoes were excellent. The giant beens probably a little too big, but overall a very satisfying lunch.


One of our annual guilty pleasure is a Ralph’s (Kroger) ham that we bake for Christmas. A huge shank end cost only $11.08. Baked to perfection and dozens of serves.

Paired with the double potato and halloumi bake it’s a great winter dish.

Along with the ham we created a sauce from pomegranate molasses, balsamic vinegar and dijon mustard, which was fantastic. Balance the balsamic and pomegranate molasses then add mustard slowly to bring it all in balance. It worked perfectly with the ham, giving a little acid to cut through the pork fat, along with some tart sweetness from the molasses.

  • Ham is $11.08 and we’ll get at least 12 serves, for less than $1 per serve
  • Sweet potato cost 94c
  • Potatoes $3.99 but we only used half or $2.00
  • One large garlic went in to roast at 50c
  • A bell pepper added $1.49
  • Red onion added another $1.30
  • The halloumi was $3.84.

The roast vegetables with halloumi totals $10.07 but it makes four serves, or $2.52 per serve. With the ham, that’s less than $3.52 for a very satisfying winter meal.

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