Jun 10: Supermarket Sushi; Bubble and Squeak with Fried Egg


On our way back home we stopped in at Whole Foods for some supermarket sushi for $9.69 per serve.


With a lot of yellow mash left over, Greg decided to make bubble and squeak – refried leftover vegetables. Unfortunately, our non-stick pans were also no help creating a crust.

  • The squash cost $1.99 or 50c per serve
  • Russet potatoes weer $1.49 but we used 2/5 or 15c per serve
  • Sour cream is $2.99 for a tub, and we used 1/3 or 25c per serve
  • Spring onion adds 15c per serve
  • Bacon ends and pieces were $3.99 per pack, but we used about 1/3 or 67c per serve
  • An onion adds 12c per serve
  • Pastured eggs are 5oc each or $1.00 per serve.

Dinner tonight was tasty despite the lack of crust for $2.84 per serve.

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