Oct 28: Armadillo Willies; Italian


A quick break in the conference sessions found us back at Armadillo Willies for a quick lunch. Greg’s choice was a Turkey Avocado sandwich while Philip opted for the pulled pork Ultimate Pig!

Lunch today cost $13.62 per serve.


Another gap in the conference schedule had a group of us head to a local Italian restaurant, where we both sampled the day’s specials. Foodie Greg had the Salmon with buttery smooth vegetables and rice, while Foodie Philip had the Mushroom Sausage Risotto. Both were very good and followed a decent Caesar Salad appetizer.

As we shared the communal bill, including wine and beer, it’s hard to isolate the food cost, but the meal overall cost $68.06 per serve. A little on the high side, but very much worth it.

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