Nov 13: Popeye’s Fried Chicken; Gordon Biersch


A change to the weekly schedule had Foodie Philip traveling home earlier than usual, so a stop to pick up Popeye’s was on the agenda.

Popeye’s is $5.93 per serve.


For dinner tonight we were meeting with an associate at Gordon Biersch. Over the 12 years or so we’ve been visiting Gordon Biersch the food started out terrible – overpriced and under-delivered – but improved dramatically 6-7 years ago.

Unfortunately it’s slowly reverting to the overpriced and under-delivered model. Foodie Philip had their 3/4 lb Double Cheese Double Bacon burger and it was, without any doubt, the absolute worst burger we’ve ever encountered. Tasteless and under seasoned meat, almost invisible cheese, tasteless bacon and an almost non-existed tomato and lettuce component, this was a disaster from beginning to end. It was not finished.

Nor were the accompany tiny portion of fries. They were mealy on the inside and not truly crisp on the outside.

Foodie Greg’s Chicken Pasta was acceptable but not great value.

And to just make the night perfectly bad, the only dark beer choice on the menu was unavailable – they ran out! Bad food and a poor beer selection is not a great way to run a brew pub.

This sub-standard meal cost  $19.56 per serve and was not worth it.


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