Nov 15: Restaurant Gastrognome; Popeyes Chicken and Salad


A schedule power outage all day was a great excuse for going and doing something interesting. In our case, driving to Idyllwild and having lunch.  A very pretty drive on routes 234 and 74 and an enjoyable lunch at Restaurant Gastrognome. I guess they have the original ‘short’ order cook!

Foodie Greg had a good vegetarian lasagne, while Foodie Philip enjoyed some rather excellent lamb loin chops.

Our friend paid for lunch.


After being out all day and arriving home at sunset, there was little prep time for dinner, so the remainder of the Popeye’s chicken was paired with a Strawberry Harvest salad (Taylor Farms).

  • Popeye’s is $5.93 per serve.
  • The salad kit is $2.99 but we get four serves, or 75c per serve.

Dinner tonight was $6.68 per serve.

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