Jan 9: Trader Joe’s Meat Pies; Dutch Mustard Soup


A gray, rainy day definitely calls for meat pies. Foodie Philip chose the Steak and Ale while Greg chose the Chicken Balti pie. Both hit the spot for an average of $3.13 per serve.


With the continuing cold weather, soup for dinner was always on the cards, so we returned to a favorite: Dutch Mustard Soup, made with actual Dutch Mustard.

Like a creamy, mustard version of French onion soup, this recipe is outstanding. The lardons of bacon on top give it a meaty flavor and texture, without dominating the dish. The onion and leek add sweetness, offset by the sharpness of the mustard, with the sour cream (in our version) moderating the flavors.

  • Bacon ends and pieces cost $3.99 or 50c per serve
  • Yellow onions were $2.79 for 2 lb, or 23c per serve
  • The leek was $1.38 or 35c per serve
  • Add 10c for butter
  • Garlic adds 5c per serve
  • Sour cream adds 50c per serve
  • Mustard adds 25c per serve
  • Add 20c for the remaining seasoning.

Dinner tonight was easy to prepare, delicious and only $2.18 per serve.

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