Feb 6: Tomato & Mayo; Pastrami, Sauerkraut & Cheese; Baked Ham with Japanese Ratatouille


A revisit to a couple of toasted sandwiches: Kumato & Mayo – a favorite if the tomato is good, and a Pastrami, Sauerkraut & Cheddar.

  • Five kumato were $3.49 and we used one, or 35c per serve
  • Two slices of bread are 32c per serve
  • Add 20c for mayo
  • 12 slices of yoghurt cheese are $4.79 and we shared one or 20c per serve
  • The pastrami was $6.96 for 16 oz and we used three, or 65c per serve
  • The Bubbies (natural) Sauerkraut is expensive at $6.99 or 22c per serve, but it is a very superior sauerkraut without the bad odor of most sauerkraut.

The sandwiches were satisfactory for $1.94 per serve.


As it was our 27th Anniversary together we decided to bake the ham that’s been in the refrigerator all year. We wanted to find a fresh side than the “baked seasonal vegetables” that we have gone with in the past. Foodie Greg found this Japanese Ratatouille Recipe and we cooked that.

Making four sides, this was exceptionally good. The dry baking of the vegetables intensified their flavor, while the dressing added another layer of flavor. Definitely will cook this again, and probably do a vegetarian meal with this ratatouille and brown rice.

The ham – purchased as a Christmas loss leader – is ridiculously cheap. It probably does not come from great providence for farmer or animal.

It turns out we got six meals from the Japanese Ratatouille.

  • The ham was $5.72 at 57c per pound (about 4c per ounce) or 40c per serve
  • The Kaboc squash was $2.21 but we only used half for the six serves, or 18c per serve
  • Two Chinese eggplants went into the dish costing $1.18 or 20c per serve
  • The bell pepper was $1.49 or 25c per serve
  • Grape tomatoes were $2.99 or 50c per serve
  • An onion adds 5c per serve
  • Miso Easy is $5.99 for the bottle that we used about 1/8 of in this dish, or 13c per serve.
  • Add 30c for ginger and oil
  • Add 20c per serve for the remaining ingredients.

A very good celebratory meal for $2.o1 per serve, leaving us more for the champagne to celebrate!

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