Sep 13: Filet American; Indian


Part of our IBC/Amsterdam experience is a visit to Van Dobben for Filet American on a very good small baguette. Filet American is a raw meat mix like steak tartar.

Each Roll is €4.50 with tax, but Foodie Philip had two, making the average €6.75 or US$7.89 per serve.


At dinner time we visited a well regarded local Indian restaurant Shahjahan in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district.

As soon as we walked through the door we were hit with the smell of warming spices, which of course carried through to the food. The samosa we started with had a little growing heat, while the rest of the meal was well spiced but not hot.

A mixed grill, butter chicken, aloo gohbi and garlic naan rounded out the meal and was the perfect amount of food for three people.

The meal averaged €18.83 per person, or US$21.33 per serve.


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