Nov 18: Le Boulanger; Sizzling Gourmet


For lunch we returned to Le Boulanger Foodie Philip had their Beef Bacon melt while Foodie Greg chose a Pastrami Melt. Again the bread was exceptionally good, toasted perfectly with tasty filling and a nice coleslaw on the side.

Good food for $10.19 with tax.


We have a friend who has a talent for finding interesting restaurants and among a sea of chain restaurants Sizzling Gourmet on a side street in Cupertino was a definite find. This is Hunanese cuisine rather than the more common Cantonese version we see in “Chinese” restaurants. There are many regional variations to Chinese meals and this was a delicious one.

The sizzling pot has much less liquid than other variations. Our duck and chicken combination was exceptionally good. A bok choy fried rice was a perfect accompaniment. We had pork belly and pot stickers as appetizers, which were again very good.

No-one left hungry in our group of five. The average cost per serve was $18.55, which was great value.

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