Dec 20: Caesar Chicken Schnitzel Wrap; Chicken Leg and Asian Salad


Another local lunch outlet with enormous serves features a Schnitzel Wrap with Caesar salad. Schnitzel wraps seem to be an Australian thing, but they  are a) enormous, and b) delicious for Au$12.90 (US$9.07) per serve.


Tonight we had the chicken and Asian salad we planned for last night.

  • The Chicken was Au$9.9o and we each had ¼ or Au$2.50 (US$6.96) per serve
  • The Asian salad kit was Au$3.99 or Au$1.00 (US$0.70)

The Asian Salad was quite good. A simple and decent meal for Au$3.50 (US$2.46) per serve.


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