Dec 31: Taste of Tassie Take 2; BBQ Duck, Bok Choy and Rice


We walked down to The Taste (as everyone seems to call it here) for a second lunch.  Instead of going for the broad tasting we did yesterday, we opted for two main dishes. We split both so we each a chance to taste each dish.

First was back to Mount Gnomon Farm for their Nom Nom Plate of slow cooked pork shoulder, Texas Beef Brisket, smoked Mount Gnomon Farm chorizo, and bacon with a Southern slaw and Alabama White Sauce.

Clockwise from top left: bacon, pulled pork, brisket, and chorizo with the spicy slaw in the middle.

Every item on the plate was perfectly cooked and really tender. The bacon had a subtle smoke, and was full of flavor. The brisket and pulled pork shoulder melted in the mouth and the chorizo had an excellent balance of spice. The slaw was not shy, and had a good touch of heat on its own. Excellent for Au$10.00 (US$7.00) each

Looking around we found the Cranston Lamb Baa stall and decided their cider braised lamb shoulder with a spelt, pickled vegetable and feta salad.

Spelt salad and cider braised lamb shoulder.

Having done similar, and planning braising lamb shoulder next week, we were curious about the lamb, and that spelt salad.  Spelt is a rather ancient grain regaining popularity.

We can only hope we do the lamb as well!  It was tender as expected, with quite definite lamb flavor. The salad was surprisingly good.  Foodie Greg particularly liked it. Great food for Au$8.50 (US$5.95) per serve.

We had some great food for Au$18.50 (US$12.95) per serve.


Foodie Greg could not get the image of BBQ duck hanging in the shop window just over the hill in Sandy Bay, so we went back and picked up half a duck, some bok choy and rice and enjoyed it in the delightful courtyard of our AirBnb house.

It was absolutely worth it! The duck was great with crisp skin, perfectly rendered fat, and juicy flesh. The bok choy and rice were a good way to round out the meal.

The meal was Au$22.00 (US$15.40) per serve.

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