Jan 5: Australian BBQ; Scallops in Garlic Cream Sauce/ Souvlaki Wrap


Our final reunion activity was at the home of a Cousin in Devonport where we had an Australian style BBQ, which would be considered a grill in the USA. A fast grill, but always with at least part of the cooking surface dedicated to a solid metal cooking surface – for the grilled onion, if nothing more.

There were at least two batches of onions, and a lot of rissoles. ┬áIt was a little throwback, including childhood classics like Fairy Bread, which was not as popular with today’s children as it was with their parents.

Once again, local family hosted with salads and deserts.


As we were quite late back from the reunion and a side visit with some family members, we stopped at the Beach Hotel in Burnie for dinner. Foodie Greg had the Souvlaki Wrap, while Foodie Philip was not yet tired of scallops, so he enjoyed them a new way: garlic cream sauce.

We thought both meals were good examples of what they were, for Au$21.55 (US$15.09) per serve.

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