Mar 17: Scrambled Eggs on Fry Bread with Giant Baked Beans; Lamb and Roast Vegetable Skewers with Fragrant Rice


For lunch the Foodies decided on scrambled eggs on fry bread with Giant Baked Beans.

  • Two eggs per serve costs $1.02
  • The bread is 16c
  • Add 20c for butter
  • The baked beans work out at $1.00 per serve.

A satisfying lunch for $2.32 per serve.


The Foodies had planned on dinner out with a friend, but plans changed at the last minute, so we took the opportunity to get take out from Skewers Halaal a little way down the hill in Chatsworth.

We had the Lamb Skewers, with grilled mixed vegetables (tomato, bell pepper, onion and button mushrooms) and a very generous serve of fragrant rice.

With tax and tip the meal ran $16.72 per serve.

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