Apr 8: Roast Beef Roll/Italian Roll; Steak Fajitas


We only have breakfast during trade shows, as it’s a lot of work and not much access to food. Fortunately our Courtyard had a small bistro open in the morning and we had an omelette/breakfast sandwich before heading to the trade show for $14.41 per serve with tax.


We generally have low expectations for trade show floor food. It tends to be way overpriced and just average quality, but we found a “healthy” option near our stand. Foodie Philip had a roast beef roll, and Foodie Greg had an Italian Roll for $22.73 or $11.37 per serve with tax.


Another trade show party that we were partly sponsoring. At least tonight we had no official duties so we could enjoy the Steak (or chicken) Fajitas provided for the party. While we sponsored it had no direct cost.

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