May 21: Turkey & Avocado Sandwich; Split Pea Soup


We have enjoyed the Trader Joe’s Rye bread for toasted sandwiches, but it’s a bit dry for non-toasted so we swapped to Dave’s Killer Bread Good Seeds.

  • The bread is $5.99 for 18 slides or 66c per sandwich serve
  • The avocado cost $4.29 for five and we shared one or 43c per serve
  • The turkey is $3.49 and we shared ⅓ or 58c per serve
  • Add 20c for garlic spread.

We both really like the new bread and, although it’s more expensive, lunch was $1.87 per serve.


A favorite “left overs” meal prepared from the bones of our baked ham(s). It counts as our Meatless Monday because there’s no ham actually in the soup. We modified the recipe we started with by adding some liquid smoke before the pressure cook, with Worcestershire Sauce and fresh, frozen peas blended in at the end. The Worcestershire Sauce provides a little acid and the fresh peas lift the texture and flavor.

The recipe makes eight serves.

  • The stock has no real cost
  • The pack of split peas was $1.59 or 27c per serve
  • The frozen peas is 99c a pack, or 16c per serve.

For dinner tonight the soup cost 43c per serve.

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