Jun 23: Bahn Mi; Fried Egg on Tostadas with Avocado and Salsa


For lunch we had a Bahn Mi from Pho Saigon 1 just down the road in Chatsworth for $9.27 per serve with tax and tip.


Although we planned to return to the Chowder with Asian Flavors, we decided to flip tonight and Meatless Monday around and have Fried Egg on Tostados with Avocado and Salsa.

  • Pastured eggs are 51c each  or $1.02 per serve
  • The tostadas are 22 for $2.29 or 21c per serve
  • Avocados were $1.38 for two and we shared one, or 35c per serve
  • Add 40c for salsa
  • Add 5c for spring onion.

A satisfying and surprisingly filling meal for $2.03 per serve.

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