Dec 31: Shin Ramen; ‘Prime Rib’ with Stuffed Baked Potato and Mushroom with Green Beans


A turn for the cool had us turning to a Shin Noodle Bowl. A pack of four was $3.69 or 93c per serve ($1.23 with vegetable), which proved to be quite generous and a satisfying – if spicy hot – meal. We do, however, only use one of the two flavor pouches.


Foodie Greg planned a special meal for New Year’s Eve: a Tomahawk Steak sous video to perfect done-ness and hard seared for a crust, served with a Cheese and Bacon Stuffed Baked Potato and stir-fried Green Beans and Mushrooms.

We sous vide the Steak to a perfect 129ºF and then seared it in a very hot pan.

  • The Tomahawk Steak was $15.06 after discounts, or $7.53 per serve
  • The Stuffed Potatoes came from Aldi for $2.99 or $1.50 per serve
  • The Mushroom and Green Bean Medley was $3.79 or $1.90 per serve
  • Add 50c per serve for Demi-glace.

An abundant and excellent meal for $11.43 per serve.

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