Feb 6: Lamb Gyro; Sous Vide and Seared Duck Breast with Pad Thai Noodles and Stir-fried Bok Choy


We drove down to New York Chicken and Gyro for one of our favorite lunches: the Lamb Gyro for $8.17 per serve with tax and tip.


While we were returning to our Asian inspired Duck, this time we were testing Duck Breasts from Aldi, instead of our regular supply from Whole Foods. The Aldi Duck is a 16oz pack vs around 12oz from Whole Foods, but at around half the price per ounce.

  • The Duck was $10.00 for two 8oz Breasts, or $5.00 per serve
  • The Bok Choy was $2.48, and we used 1/5th, or 25c per serve
  • Pad Thai Noodles add 45c per serve
  • The Duck Fat to cook the noodles comes free
  • Add 30c per serve for other ingredients.

The Aldi Duck was every bit as tender as the Whole Foods version, but had more flavor in the Foodies’ opinion. Excellent value and a pity that it’s not a regular buy (or that we didn’t buy more when they were available). A great meal for our 30th Anniversary, costing just $6.00 per serve.

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