Oct 17: Cuban Style Roast Pork with Black Beans and Brown Rice


For lunch we defrosted and heated the remaining Turkey, Bacon, Chipotle Meatloaf in a Par baked roll.

  • The Sandwich Rolls are 89c per serve
  • The Meatloaf is $2.53 per full serve, or $1.27 per lunch serve
  • The Coleslaw Mix was $1.99 and we used 1/4, or 25c per serve
  • We made our own Dressing from Mayonnaise, and Chipotle Hot Sauce for 30c per serve.

A decent lunch for $2.71 per serve.


A welcome return to Cuban-Style Roast Pork with Mojo Sauce, tonight with a Black Bean Salad and Brown Rice. We will get four serves from the Pork, and two from the Sauce and Salad.

  • The Pork Butt was around $9.88 after all discounts, or $2.47 per serve
  • Limes were 56c or 14c per serve
  • Grapefruit was $1.39 or 35c per serve
  • Navel Oranges were $1.19 or 30c per serve
  • Cuban Black Beans were $1.99 or $1.00 per serve
  • Add 34c for Brown Rice.

The Pork becomes very tender and flavorsome with the Marinade. An great meal for $3.60 per serve.

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