Dec 15: Chickpea Masala with Prosciutto and Eggs


For lunch we had Shin Ramen Buttered Noodles with Coleslaw Mix for $1.63 per serve.


Tonight’s interpretation of Chickpea Marsala, features Prosciutto and Eggs.

  • The Marsala Sauce was $3.79 or $1.90 per serve
  • Two Pastured Eggs adds 66c per serve
  • The Chick Peas were $1.79 or 90c per serve
  • The Prosciutto was $4.65 or $2.38 per serve.

You would think the Prosciutto was the star of this dish, but we felt that it really didn’t add anything to the dish. It was difficult to place, difficult to serve and difficult to eat as it required a knife. Combine that with it not really improving the flavor, it was a mildly disappointing dish for $5.84 per serve. We will definitely do the dish again, but without the Prosciutto.

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