Jan 1: Sous Vide Duck Breast á l’orange with French Lentils and Wild Rice and an Endive Salad


We enlarged the holes on a pair of Bagels to accommodate an Egg in each side.

  • The Brioche Bagel is 58c per serve
  • Pastured Eggs are 38c or 76c per serve.
  • Add 30c for Salsa.

A simple, but very tasty meal for $1.64 per serve.


It was time for Duck and we decided to go with a French twist and do it Duck á l’orange style.

  • The Duck Breasts were $8.99 or $4.50 per serve
  • Wild Rice Mix is 64c per serve
  • Green Lentils add 45c per serve
  • Endive adds 62c per serve
  • Preserved Lemon adds 20c per serve
  • Pecans add 48c per serve
  • The Salad Mix adds 45c per serve
  • The Navel Orange was $1.49 or 75c per serve
  • Add 35c for other ingredients.

The Orange Sauce – served separately – was full of Orange flavor, but without the cloying sweetness that is typical of Orange Sauces. An excellent meal for $8.44 per serve.

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