Feb 5: Barramundi, Waffle Fries and Malt Vinegar Coleslaw


We returned to Pho Saigon 1 for a shared Bahn Mi and Egg Rolls, after a couple of months absence. The Bahn Mi didn’t seem up to their normal standard, and the Egg Rolls were slightly overdone. An okay meal for $12.92 per serve with tax and tip.


We had our postponed Fishy Friday of Barramundi, Waffle Fries and Malt Vinegar Coleslaw.

  • The Barramundi was $9.99 or $5.00 per serve
  • Coleslaw, Mayonnaise and Vinegar add 75c per serve
  • The Waffle Fries were $1.49, and we shared half or 38c per serve.

The Malt Vinegar Coleslaw requires soaking the Coleslaw in Malt Vinegar for an hour before making the dressing. We both agreed it was the best Coleslaw we’ve had. We preferred the Waffle Fries to Steak Fries because the greater surface area worked better for the oven bake. A decent meal for $6.13 per serve.

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