Feb 15: Smokey Cheese and Pumpkin Slice (a.k.a. Hebrew Temptation)


The weather took a cold turn, so we turned to Trader Joe’s Spanakopita for $3.99 or $2.00 per serve.


It has been a while, but tonight we returned to our savory cake: the Smokey Cheese and Pumpkin Slice. I told the story of how it became known as Hebrew Temptation earlier and the recipe is there too. It makes four generous serves.

  • The bacon was $6.99 for 12 slices, and we used five, or 73c per serve
  • Five pastured eggs at 48c each is $2.40 or 60c per serve
  • A small bag of organic flour is $2.69 and we used about 1/3 or 23c per serve
  • Precut Butternut Squash was $1.79 and we used half, or about 45c per serve
  • The Smoked Gouda was $2.99 or 75c per serve.
  • An onion adds 8c per serve
  • The side Salad adds 60c per serve.

There was slightly less Squash in the precut pack, so the serve was a little more dense, but still within acceptable range for a rather dense cake. We filled out the meal with a simple Salad. A very tasty meal for $4.09 per serve.

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