Jun 8: Italian Inspired “Cobb” Salad


For the first time we used our Panini press to make an actual Panini with a Ciabatta Roll, Gouda, some Greens and Hammon.

  • The Italian Deli Meat Platter (Hammon) was $5.99 and we shared ⅓ or $1.00 per serve
  • The Ciabatta Roll is 58c per serve
  • The Gouda is 34c per serve
  • Add 15c for Greens
  • Add 45c for Garlic Spread.

We learnt that a par-cooked Ciabatta Roll can be finished and toasted in one action. An excellent sandwich for $2.52 per serve.


We’ve experimented with many variations on a Cobb Salad, and tonight’s was inspired by our recent trip to Italy.

  • The Speck was $3.99 or $2.o0 per serve
  • The Burrata was $4.99 or $2.50 per serve
  • A Pastured Egg is 38c per serve
  • An Avocado is $1.29 and we shared one, or 65c per serve
  • The Grape tomatoes cost $2.49 or 63c per serve
  • Pea Shoots where $1.99 and we used about ¼ or 25c per serve
  • Add 30c for Balsamic Glaze.

The Speck was a great foundation for a Cobb-style Salad and ate very well for $6.71 per serve.

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