Oct 29: Sous Vide Shrimp on Jalfrezi Curry


We discovered a Sun-dried Tomato Pesto that we really liked, so Foodie Greg cooked up some Pasta and used the Pesto as a Sauce.

  • The Fusilli Corti Bucati Pasta was 89c per serve
  • The Sun-dried Tomato Pesto was $2.29 and we used half or 58c per serve.

The Pest is amazing and the dish was very acceptable at $1.57 per serve.


Tonight we sous vide some Argentinean Shrimp and placed them on a Jalfrezi Curry of Potatoes, Spinach and Baby Corn.

  • 1 lb of shrimp was $1o.99 on sale,  or and we used half $2.75 per serve
  • The Jalfrezi Curry Sauce was $3.49 or $1.75 per serve
  • Baby Potatoes were 68c per serve
  • Baby Corn was $2.29 and we used ⅓ or 38c per serve
  • The Spinach adds 20c per serve.

A very tasty curry for $5.76 per serve.

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