Jan 8: Cuban Sandwich; Scotch Broth


As is our regular Friday lunch pattern, we bought lunch: today a Cuban sandwich from Wild Carvery here in Burbank. It’s a huge sandwich so we halve it and the included salad. Even half is a good sized portion and cost us $7 a serve. It’s also an interpretation of a Cuban.

Wild Carvery uses only organic, GMO free ingredients so we feel comfortable buying from there.

Since dinner is a repeat of the Scotch Broth that’s lunch in the featured image above.


For dinner we had an encore performance of the Scotch Broth from two nights ago. $3.75 a serve. Actually less, as there is still one good size serve left after the four planned serves.

Because the collagen from the lamb shank has had time to set, the repeat was more unctuous than the original.

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