Jan 9: Sushi; Baked Beans


Once again Sushi from Ralph’s (Kroger) because that’s where we shopped for ingredients┬átoday. $6.50 a serve today.


Tonight’s dinner is Pioneer Woman’s Baked Beans recipe with a few minor changes:

  • Greg used dry mustard instead of dijon
  • Instead of barbecue sauce, he used organic ketchup
  • and the final change was molasses instead of brown sugar because it contributes more flavor and is less sweet than brown sugar. Brown sugar is refined sugar with molasses sprayed on it.
  • Only two cans of beans went in. Again organic.

Pioneer Woman says 18 serves, but that would be as a side dish. Served with a muffin as an entree (main) and a couple of eggs on top I’m going to assume 4 serves to keep the math simple.

Bacon was purchased on special: 24 oz for $8. Our four rashers are roughly 3 oz or about $1 split over four serves: 25c.

The onion is less than 50c and the bell pepper $1, or 38c a serve. The two cans of organic beans (Simple Truth) were on special at 99c each, or 50c per serve combined.

The other ingredients might add up to another 25c per serve: molasses, ketchup, dry mustard and vinegar.

Total price per serve (assuming 4): $1.38. Served with an English Muffin, adds 50c a serve, and two eggs are 50c each, adding another $1 per serve. (We choose free range eggs, which are somewhat more expensive than conventional. It also explains the deep golden color.) Add it all together and we had a delicious meal for $2.88 a serve.

While this has the most wonderful smell when its cooking, the┬áspecial treat is the bacon that’s been macerating in the beans during the slow cook. Savor it.

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