Jan 12: Chicken wrap; Roast Cauliflower and Roast Chicken Leg


A return to one of our regular lunch meals: store bought, roast chicken breast wraps.

  • Today’s chicken was $6.99 and I divide it by 4 for $1.75 a serve for two breasts and two legs. For lunch a breast was divided for 87c each serve.
  • Hummus adds around 30c;
  • Tabouli salad 79c a serve
  • A flatbread is 50c.

Today’s lunch wrap cost us $2.46 a serve.


  • The chicken legs (thigh and drumstick) are from the roast chicken , so $1.75 a serve

Tonight’s roasted cauliflower recipe comes from Rouxbe.com – one of my favorite cooking school sites. Roasting cauliflower completely changes the flavor and texture. It was really good.

  • Just over 1 lb of cauliflower cost $2.13 and we used it all over two serves: $1.07 each.
  • The arugula, meyer lemon, capers (a Greg addition to the recipe), and seasonings might run 75c per serve.

Total cost for dinner: $3.57 per serve.


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