Feb 2: Quesadilla; Chicken adobo with rice and steamed bok choi


We did this quesadilla pretty regularly. Today’s version has no eggs, and we just used cheddar.

  • One flatbread (half of two) costs 50c a serve
  • Half a can of refried beans, shared across two halves: 33c
  • Fontera salsa is expensive (and tasty) at $4.69 a jar, but it breaks down to 16c a serve
  • 2 oz of cheddar split between two is 50c per serve

Lunch today cost $1.49 per serve and came together in about 10 minutes. Frying in bacon fat is recommended.


Greg has long been a pressure cooker fan, so tonight Philippino classic dish is a quick pressure cook: Pressure Cooker Chicken Adobo.

We cut back to six thighs and reduced proportions to half on everything else. The six thighs made three serves. We also dropped the brown sugar to keep sweetness under control.

  • Six chicken thighs cost $5.98 or $2 a serve
  • Coconut oil and pepper – 5c a serve
  • One onion – 20c a serve
  • Garlic – 5c a serve
  • Soy, rice wine vinegar and rice vinegar – 45c
  • The bok choy came from a friend’s CSA box (as she was heading overseas) but would typically be $1 a serve
  • The sprouted brown rice is 66c a serve

Tonight’s dinner cost us $4.41 a serve.

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