Feb 13: Reception lunch; Steak and Caesar Salad


Lunch today was courtesy of Adobe at a Deadpool reception, screening and panel. Best was the curry chicken sandwich fingers.

Lunch was free.


Beef sirloin tip with ‘new classic’ Caesar salad. Steak and salad is a cliche, but there’s a reason combinations become a cliche: they work.

Besides, we’re leaving Avalon Burbank shortly and we need to take advantage of the grills while we have access to them!

  • The steak was $6.02 from our monthly meat box, or $3.01 per serve.
  • A pastured egg is 50c or 25c per serve.
  • Seasonings (except anchovies, which we were out of, damn it) ran about 25c per serve
  • An organic lettuce cost $1.99 or $1 a serve
  • The packet of parmesan cost $6.99 but we used about 1/4 for this salad, or 88c per serve.
  • The chibatta for the home-made croutons was $1.99 or $1 a serve.

Our steak and salad meal cost $6.39 per serve.

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