Feb 23: Salmon Chowder; Wild caught Salmon, lemon risotto and brocollini


Time to finish off the Salmon Chowder from the weekend.

Without bread the salmon chowder cost us $1.92 a serve.


Wild caught Salmon cooked with crispy skin accompanied by a lemon risotto done in the pressure cooker with steamed brocollini.

To cook the salmon, heat a oven proof pan on the stove top with a little coconut oil (best for high temperature cooking because olive oil breaks down at high temperature). When hot, the salmon goes in skin side down for two minutes, before the pan goes into a preheated oven to finish the cooking. Do not turn the salmon or the skin will lose its crispness.

The pressure cooker is a great way to cook risotto because it doesn’t require the constant attention risotto otherwise requires.

  • The wild caught salmon was $10.01 or $5.00 a serve.
  • The organic baby brocollini was $2.69 or $1.35 a serve
  • The risotto rice adds around 40c per serve
  • The lemon came free from a friend.

Dinner tonight cost  $6.75 a serve.

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