Feb 22:Hamburger; Red Beans and Rice with fried chicken


The foodies were in different places during lunch, and Philip had to get take-out as he was back Burbank during lunch. In and Out double-double animal style.

Today’s lunch was $3.40


While Philip was in Burbank, Greg cooked up a batch of his home-made Red Beans and Rice to go with the leftover Popeye’s chicken. This is a repeat of our Feb 9 dinner

The semiSerious Foodies finally had our kitchen range installed today, and an electric convection oven is great for reheating fried chicken.

  • Chicken is $2.50 a serve
  • Onion, oil and garlic and seasonings about 15c┬áper serve
  • Each can of organic beans was 99c and we used three, or 50c per serve
  • Instead of andouille sausage, we used a Kroger Simple Truth Lightly Smoked Sausage for $2.99 or 50c a serve
  • Chicken broth $2.29 or 38c a serve
  • And the rice: 33c a serve

Dinner tonight cost us $3.98 per serve.

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