Feb 21: Popeyes Chicken; Salmon Chowder


Because we were still moving some of our belongings from Burbank to Twin Lakes, we took the opportunity for a (possibly) last time getting Popeyes Fried Chicken – at least from the Burbank location.

Eight pieces of chicken were $9.99, but that makes four serves in all, making each serve $2.50. The large Red beans and rice was $3.99 and we shared that for $2 a serve. In total, lunch was $4.50 a serve.


Still no range, so we reheated the Salmon Chowder and had some more of the Roast Garlic Bread.

As it did yesterday the salmon chowder cost us $1.92 a serve. Served with Roast Garlic Bread the total for this quick and easy meal is $3.72.

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