The Calorie is broken!

An article from the BBC – Why the Calorie is broken – summed up a lot of my own thinking. Since foodie Philip started down the path to rebuilding health and fitness his average food intake has been about 300 calories short of energy expended.

If “a calorie was a calorie” then by now I should have lost 153 lbs (69 KG), which is patently ridiculous as I currently weigh 165 lbs! Over that time I’ve gone from 176 – fat and unfit with body fat percentage about 30% – down to 146 lbs and slowly built back to 165 by adding muscle (from exercise) and continuing to lose fat.

I am convinced that exercise is key, but also eating ‘real’ food – minimally processed – is also key.

Whether you agree or not, the article is worth a read.

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