Apr 11: Double Double; Reuben Casserole


Another Burbank Monday and foodie Philip once again goes for the Double Double Animal Style at In & Out Burger.

  • Double Double is $4.03 with tax


A second adventure with a Reuben casserole. Truth be told, we got the corned beef with this in mind, as it was so good last time.

It was every bit as good this time as it was back on March 15.

The recipe makes six good size serves. We did try serving it as if it were four serves, but neither of us ate more than the smaller portion.

  • Six slices of rye bread are roughly half the $1.99 loaf, or 17c per serve
  • The other half of the corned beef is $12.90, or $2.15 per serve
  • Trader Joe’s have a Sauerkraut with Persian Cucumbers which combines two ingredients for $3.99 a jar, or 67c per serve.
  • Packaged, shredded Swiss Gryere $4.99 or 83c per serve. Although we used the full packet, it was probably closer to three cups than four.
  • A pint of half and half is $1.49 and half was used or 13c per serve.
  • Organic eggs are 50c each or 25c per serve.
  • Greg made “thousand island” dressing with a mix of mayonnaise and shrimp sauce, for about 20c per serve
  • We skipped the caraway seeds for taste reasons but the mustard adds another 15c per serve.

This dish is a great way to reuse corned beef, or to have a reason to get a corned beef should in the first place. Dinner tonight cost us $4.55.

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