Jun 12: The Country Deli; Summer Corn Chowder


After not eating last night we were both hungry, and when you’re hungry and want a big meal, head for a Deli, particularly a Jewish Deli, and for us, that’s The Country Deli.

While Foodie Greg changes his order at every visit, Foodie Philip has fixated on the Marinated Skirt Steak because it is so very good. The marinade adds flavor and obviously tenderizes the meat. Cooked rare it is really tender. Served with three eggs (over easy), a choice of sides (home fries) and an onion bagel, it’s a lot of food. In all honestly Philip has never finished all the meal’s components!

A couple of hours work in the yard balanced out the calorie register!

  • Lunch at the Country Deli runs out around $20 a serve with tax and tip.


Greg came across this Summer Corn Chowder recipe and today seemed like the right day to try it. Definitely go with fresh corn, cut right off the cob. There are some tips on choosing corn in The semiSerious Foodies Cook Elote video.

The chowder is very tasty, although it has a slight tendency toward sweetness, which is not at all surprising with ‘sweet’ corn. It’s a little one-dimensional, as you’d expect from the recipe, so next time we’re going to incorporate some pickled bell pepper. The slight acid from the vinegar pickled pepper will help balance the sweetness.

  • Bacon is 30c per serve
  • An onion is about 3c per serve
  • Four cobs of fresh corn (tassels on) cost 39c each, average one per serve
  • We used a mix of whole milk and half and half at $1.49 or 38c per serve
  • The russet potato cost 74c or 19c per serve
  • Add 5c per serve for seasoning
  • We served with a par-baked roast garlic bread at $2.50 for the loaf, or 63c per serve.

Dinner tonight cost $1.34 for the soup and 63c for the bread, $1.97 total. A really great meal for under $2 a serve.


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