Jul 1: Trader Joe’s Tarte D’alsace; Grilled Chicken, Jaipur Vegetables and Rice


For today’s lunch we had Trader Joe’s Tarte D’alsace – half each. We seemed to have nailed the reheating by ignoring instructions and allowing the oven to come to temperature first, then continuing with the convection heating.

Trader Joe’s Tarte D’Alsace is $4.49 or $2.25 per serve.


The thigh and leg from this week’s supermarket rotisserie chicken were the protein, accompanied by Trader Joe’s Jaipur Vegetables and short grain brown rice.

The rice was prepared in the pressure cooker (otherwise it would have taken too long being brown rice), while the Jaipur Vegetables were boiled, while above the boiling water the chicken was reheating in the steam.

A little sriracha sauce added extra spice.

  • The $10.99 chicken is broken into quarters or $2.75 a serve
  • The Jaipur Vegetables are $1.99 a pack, or $1.00 a serve
  • Rice adds another 50c per serve.

Dinner tonight was mostly pre-prepared and cost $4.25 per serve.

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