June Summary and Observations

Although it seemed like we ate a lot of lunches prepared out of the home, it was only 11 of the 30 days, or about the same as most months. Notably we only ate out two (Foodie Greg) or three (Philip) nights.

The averages for this month:

  • Lunch prepared at home $2.84 ($2.43 in May)
  • Lunch eaten or purchased outside the home: $10.62 ($6.89)
  • Dinner eaten at home: $5.72 ($5.62)
  • Dinner eaten out: $12.50 ($15.64)

Our most expensive meal was at Gordon Biersch when we shared a working meal with another software developer, where it ran to $20.00 per head with tax and tip.

Had we purchased every lunch and prepared none it would have cost us $318.60 per person in June. We actually spent $53.91 for lunches at home plus $116.77 for lunches purchased or eaten out: $268.64.

Had we purchased every dinner out at the same average it would be $375.00 each, compared with $148.64 for meals prepared at home and $25.00 for meals out, or the $173.64 total.

That’s just working on the average. Several of the meals we had would have been well over $30 a serve in a restaurant.

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