Aug 6: Sushi; Chicken Satay with Thai Salad


As we were visiting Whole Foods anyway, we picked up some sushi for lunch while we were there.

Lunch today cost $10.19 each


While at Whole Foods we purchased two Soy and Ginger marinated chicken ‘kabob’. We paired this with the leftover Thai salad from August 4th.

We grilled the kabobs on a grill pan using the induction cooktop. Although it took a little time, we got a perfect browning on the outside, with the center of the breast meat right at the point where it was no longer undercooked.

Greg prepared a simple peanut butter, soy and lime dressing.

  • .86lb of kabob cost $9.45 or $4.73 a serve
  • Sugar snap peas are $2.49 and we used half, or 63c per serve
  • Mint is $1.79 or 30c per serve
  • An organic bell pepper was $1.63 and we used half, or 41c per serve
  • Mung beans sprints are $1.49 and we used a tiny fraction, or 10c per serve
  • A Persian cucumber is 30c, or 15c per serve
  • Green onions cost 79c for the bunch and we used about 1/3 or 14c per serve
  • We used about 1/4 of the $6.99 pack of Chili Lime Cashews, or $1.17 per serve
  • The dressing added 65c.

Dinner tonight was better than it should have been for the effort at $8.14 per serve, largely because the chicken was perfect

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