Sep 17: Fondue


Thanks to a friend, we went to Gruyére – the town where the eponymous cheese is made. The weather was misty with occasional rain, so where better to have fondue, based on gruyére cheese. Served with potatoes, Cornichons (small pickled gherkins), pickled onion and potatoes, with a side of thinly sliced dried beef, the fondue way exceeded our exceptions.

The meal was a great balance of fatty/salty cheese cut by the cornichons and pickled onion, with a little intensely flavored meat and is today’s featured image.

Being a tourist destination, despite being a living town, the meal was not cheap at $44.80 but the serving was generous. Of course, we added another $13.44 each having triple cream, meringue and fresh raspberries for dessert. That’s something we rarely do, but it was too good to pass up.

Fresh raspberries, meringue and triple cream.
Fresh raspberries, meringue and triple cream.

We left the table after two wonderful hours feeling completely full.

So full, in fact that we did not feel the need for dinner!

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